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AXE is the first and only rage rooms entertainment center in Amman – Jordan, the 3rd In middle east, and the most advanced in the whole world, featuring 5 themed experiences, the only one in the world with VR Rage Room Experience, and the only one with experiences designed specially for couples, Work Teams, and Birthday or Bachelor Parties.

Hayyan Horizons

Hayyan Horizons, named after the prominent philosopher and scientist Jaber Bin Hayyan, is an IT services company that is focused on world class cyber security services and solutions, our approach is services centric to ensure tailored offerings that are specific to each and every customer we engage with, coupled with leading technologies from world class leaders in cyber security.


SERVTECH vision is to be amongst the Region’s leading companies that is strongly committed to deliver value-added and innovative solutions to our clients’ engineering and construction needs.

With this vision we have to create a world-class website.

La Cure

Offering natural beauty products for body, facial and hair care. Our services extend to offer various alternatives for potential prospects that suits retail, spa, bulk material and private-labelling


Opexpro mission is to serve our countries by achieving excellence levels of performance in Arab organizations and nurturing quality culture with the help of their highly experienced change leaders, latest scientific approaches, and through the best utilization of the organizations resources. 


inspired by this optimistic mission, we have decided to make the brand looks as professional as it could be, this is the standard we have to work on. 

Wanas Tours

Anyone can dream a great vacation. But it can be hard work to make it happen — and to find a travel agent who truly specializes in your trip is a hard thing, Wanas can make your dream a reality.

We worked with them to establish their brand foundation by starting with their audiences and identifying the various ways to appeal to them. 

Al Falluja TV

Data is everywhere around us. For those who run websites or mobile apps, making sense of all this data requires a ton of work: writing tracking code, building a data pipeline, writing SQL queries, designing the reports, and a bunch of other stuff that takes business owners away from their real work.


ALGHDANFAR has prided itself on an impressive record of successfully completed projects, and has enjoyed the reputation of meeting its schedules and doing so within budget and to the highest client satisfaction. Our Mission is to reflict this on the Brand.

SJA Group

At SJA, they never stop raising the bar. Consistently focused on high quality production, they commit to excellence in all they do. They encourage new and innovative ideas with forward thinking. We build our work right the first time, delivering with a sense of urgency the highest value to their brand.

Platinum Shop

Platinum shop started in 2005 with Platinum Numbers that served as a reliable source for VIP number plates, whereby customers could enjoy a distinguished number plate that singles them out and differentiates them as they drive around. From that moment we realized that we should work together in order to make their visions true and to create a haven for people who likes to stand out among others; this is why we applied Platinum Shop goals to reality and helped them to achieve the name of elegance, uniqueness, and difference!