Amman, Jordan


AXE is the first and only rage rooms entertainment center in Amman – Jordan, the 3rd In middle east, and the most advanced in the whole world, featuring 5 themed experiences, the only one in the world with VR Rage Room Experience, and the only one with experiences designed specially for couples, Work Teams, and Birthday or Bachelor Parties.

What should a logo for AXE look like?

The Experiences in AXE are different from each other, designed to fulfil your darkest pleasures of smashing things up by a baseball bat, or throwing dishes to the wall rather than washing them, or destroy the whole office electronics with your co-workers and doing it like a team for once rather than shouting at each other in boring meetings.​ So the logo needs to reflect this experience. 

Let’s start with the font.

Choosing typeface as the basis for the design of a logo is a convenient starting point. Knucklehead Serif is an modern design. it appears to be a good choice because it is both elegant and bookish, qualities well suited for digital purposes.​

Sketching The Logo!

Sketching is an important aspect of creating a graphic design. We sketch our initial design ideas first on a piece of paper. For us, sketching is the first step they take when we start working on a project. It gives us the complete freedom to explore our imagination and come out with some creative ideas.​



Final Logo

Logo Spacing

Logo Options