La Cure

Beauty & Spa


Offering natural beauty products for body, facial and hair care. Our services extend to offer various alternatives for potential prospects that suits retail, spa, bulk material and private-labelling


Choosing typeface as the basis for the design of a logo is a convenient starting point.
Walkway Bold font is modern design. it appears to be a good choice because it is elegant and bookish, qualities well suited for design purposes.


Working with UBlac (Cromapix) have been a pleasant and an enjoying project, as we have been able to build a new website with the latest technology and taking into consideration the use friendly matter along with ensuring that all clients feedback and comments are being translated in order to be able to serve them right. Furthermore, building a new image for the company was hard, however with the collaboration between us and the creative team at UBlac (Crompaix) we were able to build such elegant design and ensure that we introduce a new life to the company’s packaging style that truly represent it. By all means, UBlac (Cromapix) have worked with us in a professional manner and have been able to deliver all promises and they do take great attention to their clients and ensure that all projects are a success, and don’t allow for failure to happen even when they hit a rough path.
Ayman AlRifai
Operations Manager