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THe MENA Tech is The fastest growing and the most versatile source for technology and business information in the MENA region. We started with a simple vision "To connect MENA region with the world", through publishing content that is credible, trusted and thoroughly reviewed from all around the world and from within the region.



The Font

Choosing typeface as the basis for the design of a logo is a convenient starting point. here are two examples: Dense and Paralucent.    Paralucent is an modern design. it appears to be a good choice because it is both elegant and bookish, qualities well suited for digital purposes.



Final Logo

Which logo to use?

The Mena Tech logo and colour are the vital basic elements of our visual identity.

They are its foundation.

Your commitment to ensuring they always appear as shown them here will protect the integrity of the MENA Tech brand name and create the best results.



Clear space

This is the minimum recommended clear space area - more space around the logotype will always aid visibility.

The clear space around it is equal to quarter the height of one logo circle (1/4X).




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