The Switch Center



The Next Generation gaming centre in the region that mix between Virtual Reality which is the future of gaming and the best Escape Gaming experience.

The Solution

We at UBlac believed in The Switch Center concept and knew that it's not easy to let people know this brand well, it was not a one stage project, it was divided to many parts, starting from rebranding and building a new identity, to internal business development, to social media and community engagement techniques, we mostly changed everything. what we were focusing on is to build a new type of entertainment brands.

Brand Structure

we introduced The Switch Center as an entertainment center that contains 3 sections and we created a logo for each of them to be used for that. not only that, we also created new brand elements and a new concept that defines the real meaning of The Switch Center, and to let people feel that they will switch for their real world to The Switch world.


We at UBlac noticed that The Switch Center needs to have a powerful identity that reflects the level of entertainment people can get in their center, they should identify their colors, their tone, and their style. we at UBlac have successfully created one of the unique entertainment brands in Jordan.

Brand ID

The brand identity should communicate that the Switch is an Entertainment Center that give the best experience for our generation in creative & entertainment way.

Marketing Materials

Rebranding phase also reached their games posters, we studied their games well to come up with the most attractive style, text, and visuals for each game story.

Photo Shooting Area

The Switch takes the photo for players on the center and shares it on social media and people also share their photos, we at UBlac agency noticed that there is a neccssity to change the theme for that area and beleived that it has to be more creative and more attracive. from that point, we worked on a new conce[t that will be attractive to people and at the same time that will reflect The Switch Center new identity.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

We at UBlac believes that social media is one of the channels to deliver messages, communicate with the audience to build a community and to let people engage with the brand. We reflected The Switch identity on social media in a very attractive way and we got a huge number of engagements and views. we made The Switch a very attractive brand on social media in a very short time using our art in designs and our creativity in marketing.

Posts & Campaigns Key Metrics


The Switch campaigns and posts was attractive to people, ideas and messages were real and creative, we built a community for the switch and made it one of the most trending gaming experience.

Total Fans: +165%

More Than: 650k Clicks

Total Engagement: 100k

People Reached: 1,2 Million

Engagement: 18k

Video Views: 1M+ views