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Amman, Jordan


HuqqaBaz is a trendy restaurant that provides a unique family-friendly atmosphere with a lively aura every time you visit! HuqqaBaz delivers an exceptional blend of Turkish dishes and premium drinks, earning it an impressive portfolio with numerous locations around the globe!


Delivering HuqqaBaz's success in the grand opening in Amman, Jordan, was a great honor and challenge for us. We took on managing the opening event, seeing the finest details ranging from the ushers driving up to the drone production.

The careful crafting and design of the invitation contained numerous branding and in-store elements in relation to HuqqaBaz. Its unique wooden hexagon shape refers to the restaurant's interior paired with the coral reef elements at the bottom of the box, giving the box a familiar sense. Right on top was an acrylic seal with the carved "Q" for the brand's logo. Sitting on top of the seal were strategically placed colorful chocolates signifying the lively ambiance of the restaurant; the final lid finalizes the box with a glass lid containing the restaurant's name.

All summed up together delivers a promise of excitement. The invitation box created a buzz on social media between influencers and the public alike, growing the high expectations and enthusiasm of HuqqaBaz's grand opening.

Grand Opening:

Only the best has been organized for HuqqaBaz's grand opening in order to exceed the excitement of the brand's reputation. We have managed numerous opening factors ranging from the ushers to drone production. A grand entrance was executed for Huqqabaz's opening, introducing a red carpet paired with a backdrop for event coverage, adding a more trendy aspect with the introduction of the 360 camera, which allows for an exciting and new experience for the invites.

Several shows were conducted for the opening, all of which matched the restaurant's theme. A specialized DJ was invited to electrocute the atmosphere, aiding the other in-store performances, such as having the light show dancers roam around tables entertaining people and adding to the theatric theme of HuqqaBaz.

The Huqqa preparation and magician were special additions that gave the grand opening a memorable feel.

Adding onto the grand opening's factors, professional drone coverage and video production were included all of which captured special events such as the cutting of the ribbon and the lively actions of the ushers and staff. 

The opening exceeded the reputation of the grand opening of HuqqaBaz, capturing the attention of many and even some well-known Jordanian news articles.


We've recommended some creative designs, Including moving images of dishes and eye-catching short videos of the restaurant's nightlife and food preparations.


Regular visits of our professional team to the restaurant took place. Different aspects of the restaurant were captured, such as the lively atmosphere, the staff's friendliness, exotic birds, the kid's playing area, and the private sectors.

Our work at UBlac achieved remarkable results. The grand opening of HuqqaBaz created a buzz that packed the restaurant for six exciting months. Our strategic approach and attention to detail, from the invitation package to the immersive grand entrance, triggered an enthusiastic response across social media and news. This sustained excitement firmly established HuqqaBaz as a standout culinary destination.
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