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Transforming Digital Assets, Empowering Creators: Tantalis - Where Mythology Meets Innovation

In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency, our team embarked on a branding journey for this project. Tantalis was named after the legendary figure Niobe from Greek mythology and inspired by Niobe from "The Matrix". Tantalis represents more than just an NFT marketplace; it aimed to revolutionize the way digital assets were bought, sold, and experienced. This case study highlights our collaborative efforts and the successful branding of Tantalis.


Tantalis has already gained recognition for its NFT work with Neo and was poised to expand its services to encompass various blockchain protocols. Our challenge was to create a unique and memorable identity for Tantalis in a crowded NFT marketplace, aligned with their mission of educating users about blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency.

The Approach: 

We drew inspiration from Tantalus mythology and blockchain technology to craft the name "Tantalis". We designed a visually striking logo that combined ancient Greek elements with futuristic aesthetics, symbolizing the fusion of tradition and technology. We emphasized the unique feature of connecting with artists, obtaining signed NFTs, and owning a piece of their digital art—all on one platform.


Dark Blue: Inspired from the Ethereum and the Blue Chip. It is chosen as a primary color; as it refers to security, professionalism, reliable and connection trustworthiness. 


Bright Green: This color was used to reflect the support of the "Go Green" environment and the new technology of the NFT; Bright Green is a modern and unique color that refers to growth, safety, and energy. 

Bright Green

Dark Blue


Our branding efforts extended to the creation of custom stationery materials that reflected Tantalis' distinctive brand identity and added a professional touch to their offline communications.

Website Transformation:

As part of the branding project, we designed Tantalis' website, transforming it into a user-friendly, visually appealing, and highly functional platform. The website served as the digital gateway to the NFT marketplace, enhancing the overall user experience.


In conclusion, beyond conceptualizing a compelling brand identity, our team ensured that Tantalis' digital presence was consistent, engaging, and accessible to users. The redesigned website and branded stationery contributed to a seamless and immersive experience for users, reinforcing Tantalis' position as a leader in the NFT marketplace while maintaining a strong offline presence.

  • Tantalis' Digital Presence: Consistent, Engaging, and Accessible
  • Seamless User Experience: Tantalis' Redesigned Website and Branded Stationery
  • Reinforcing Leadership: Tantalis in the NFT Marketplace
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