Dubai, UAE

Elevate your style, embrace your dominance
Empowering men through sophisticated grooming and fashion

The Hound, where grooming meets sustainability in a symphony of masculinity and style. They aren’t just a barber shop; but a community. The Hound is a fusion of artistry and environmental consciousness, offering men a sanctuary where they can indulge in self-care without compromise. Their minimalist yet dominant design, reflects their commitment to both creativity and sustainability.


Crafting an identity for The Hound was a unique challenge, in which we had to capture the essence of masculinity and artistry in a single unit. The logo we were tasked in creating had to be more than just a visual representation but an embodiment of The Hound’s values and resonate with their male audience.


Logo design mind mapping is a brainstorming technique that involves creating a visual diagram or "mind map" to organize and explore different ideas, concepts, and elements related to the design of a logo. It helps designers to generate and organize their thoughts, identify patterns, and make connections between different elements, which can ultimately inform the development of a successful logo design. Mind mapping for logo design may include elements such as color, typography, iconography, brand values, and target audience.

Logo & Icon
The logo introduced is a symbol of the brand’s essence. We’ve incorporated the “hound’s” head into the name to create representation to the store’s masculinity. Even the elements and icons presented showcase numerous lines reflecting that The hound is beyond a mere barber shop but a vibrant hub for men.

We've created this video to reveal the new branding of The Hound

Our branding features two fonts: "Archivo Black" and "Hind." "Archivo Black" signifies strength and masculinity, while "Hind" adds modernity and versatility. Together, they create a balanced and cohesive visual identity for our brand.

The Black shade we chose perfectly represents strength, power, and control, perfectly aligning with The hound’s character. It adds an air of mystery and charm, captivating the audience and making a lasting impression. White brings cleanliness and purity, offering contrast and harmony to our designs. Shades of grey bring depth and flexibility, allowing us to create subtle variations and enhancements. This color scheme communicates minimalism, modernity, and elegance.

Black 60%
White 30%
Cool Grey 10%
Different stationaries that are essential for any barber shop were crafted in order to fit the persona that is The Hound.
 From different product bottles to pouches and brushes, each item was made to fit the ambiance of the shop.
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